Consultants can sell Paparazzi gift certificates/gift cards to customers for the customers to give to third parties.

Consultants cannot give away Paparazzi coupons, Paparazzi gift cards, or Paparazzi gift certificates. One way to violate Policy by selling below the mandated prices is to offer a Paparazzi coupon, Paparazzi bling bucks, or Paparazzi gift card or Paparazzi gift certificate as a prize for a giveaway. The one exception is that a Consultant can donate a Paparazzi gift certificate/gift card to a charity for the charity to give away or sell.

The Paparazzi gift certificate/gift card should specify that the Paparazzi gift certificate/gift card is redeemable only with the Consultant who is selling the gift certificate/gift card, and only for items from that Consultant's inventory.

The Paparazzi gift certificate/gift card should specify that it is not redeemable from any replicated Paparazzi website.

The Paparazzi gift certificate should be in paper form only.

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