Consultants may have a T-shirt or other item made for their personal use. However, if the Consultant uses the word(s) "Paparazzi" or "Paparazzi Accessories" on the shirt or any other item, the Consultant must use the Independent Consultant Logo, unaltered, from the Back Office. These shirts and other items cannot be sold or given away—they are only for the Consultant’s personal use. Use of the Corporate Crown Logo is not allowed. 

A Consultant cannot order team shirts with the Independent Consultant or Corporate Paparazzi Logos to sell or give away to team members.

A Consultant can make business cards to advertise his/her Paparazzi Business and use the Independent Consultant Logo—unaltered from the Back Office—and those “cards” can take the form of paper business cards, magnets, key chains, or pens.

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