The only kit earning party allowed is through the Back Office - no exceptions.  

It is a violation of Policies and Procedures for an individual Consultant to promote, advertise, endorse or participate in any enrollment incentive.  (Paparazzi periodically offers additional incentives and items to new enrollees. These Company promotions are not included in this restriction, as they are Company-wide and benefit all Consultants.  Any advertisement of a Company enrollment incentive by a Consultant must be clear that the enrollment incentive is offered by Paparazzi and not the individual Consultant.)

5.12 Recruiting or Enrolling Promotions

At no point may a Consultant advertise or promote an enrolling or recruiting promotion in which the price or value of the enrollment process is discounted. This includes, but is not limited to, offering discounted Starter Kits, reimbursements, cash offers for enrollment, extra personal inventory, or anything else that is seen to increase the value or decrease the value of the enrollment process. This activity is often seen as an attempt to create an unfair advantage to other Consultants.

Violations include:

  • Giving Paparazzi Accessories to a customer, then selling the pieces for the customer.
  • Offering or giving cash to a customer to be used toward the purchase of an enrollment kit.
  • Purchasing an enrollment kit for a new Consultant.
  • Offering additional pieces of jewelry to a Consultant who enrolls.

Section 6.8.a of Paparazzi Policies and Procedures requires Consultants to offer 10% credit of the Retail Sales as Hostess Rewards.  To support and offset this cost to the Consultant, Paparazzi supplements a Consultant’s personal inventory purchases with additional pieces.  In lieu of Hostess Rewards, customers have requested to apply the Hostess Rewards toward earning an enrollment kit.

6.8 Adherence to Hostess Rewards Program

  1. All Consultants are obligated to offer a 10% credit to the Hostess for the retail sales generated at their hosted party - preferably to be selected out of the inventory at the party. Hostesses of online parties will choose from current online inventory before the party is closed.  The credit amount is determined from Retail Sales (not profit), and is exchanged for Retail Price ($5.00).

The only “kit earning party” which Paparazzi will recognize is a Back Office Party set up for the customer by the Consultant.  The only sales that will be recognized toward a kit earning party will be those placed directly in that Back Office party by other customers.  A Consultant should NOT place orders as a customer on that party.  No sales from a Consultant’s existing inventory will be recognized or accepted.  No sales from a Facebook live party will be accepted. Only 10% of the retail sales made through the Back Office party will be eligible to be used toward the cost of an enrollment kit.

In order to remain compliant with this policy when selecting a Starter Kit as part of the rewarded merchandise, the following steps are outlined below:

  • A Consultant will start a party through their Back Office selecting the Customer as the Hostess of the party.
  • All guest sales will be completed through the official website and the generated party ID number will track all guests' orders, or through the Party Module in the Back Office.
  • Once it is determined the party is ready to be closed, the system will determine the amount of Hostess Credit to award (10% credit of Party Sales of $50 and over completed through the website).
  • The Hostess can contact Paparazzi directly to make the Starter Kit order.
  • The credit will discount the purchase price along with the corresponding Volume for the selected kit (PV & BV).
  • If it is determined that a Hostess would like to host multiple parties, the Hostess can contact Paparazzi directly to close the party and the Hostess will be awarded a Back Office credit good towards future merchandise purchase.

Due to Hostess Rewards being defined as a credit towards merchandise, there is no cash value and credits can only be applied to merchandise purchases.  

Any Hostess Rewards generated from the purchase of the Consultant's on-hand inventory will not be considered or qualify towards the online party sales and should be offered from the Consultant's personal inventory.

Information on creating a Back Office party can be found in the following locations:

This link is also available through the Consultant’s Back Office> Resources>Dork Trainings.

Should any Consultants choose to promote, host, advertise or offer training regarding a kit earning party that is anything other than through the Back Office as outlined herein, the Consultants will be putting their account and possibly the accounts of their downline in jeopardy.  

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