How long does Life of the Party last?

To become the Life of the Party, a Consultant must accumulate the required PV between June 1st and May 31st. Upon qualifying, Consultants who have become Life of the Party members will have access to the monthly exclusive items beginning in August and ending the following July. Consultants will continue to receive this opportunity as long as they remain in compliance with all Policies and Procedures and meet the annual 200 PV requirement. All other perks and rewards associated with the Life of the Party program are awarded at convention OR mailed to them as they qualify (i.e. certificates, letters of congratulations, etc.). For specific information go to the Back Office under Resources, Life of the Party Flyer.

Life of the Party sales to other Consultants:

The opportunity to purchase Life of the Party pieces from Paparazzi is only available to those Consultants who have become official Life of the Party members by accumulating the required amount of PV during the qualification period. These special pieces can then be sold to the qualifying Consultant’s customers, providing more selection and exclusivity for the Life of the Party Consultants to continue to build their businesses. Consultants have asked if the exclusive Life of the Party pieces can be sold to other Consultants. All Paparazzi Accessories are to be sold for the mandated prices ($1, $5, $25), regardless of whether the purchaser is a Consultant or a customer. Selling for less than the mandated prices, even to another Consultant, is a violation of Policies and Procedures. When a Consultant purchases a piece for the mandated price from another Consultant, the purchasing Consultant has then lost money on the transaction, and cannot make a profit on the sale of the piece. Paparazzi does not recommend Consultant to Consultant sales. Paparazzi recommends all Consultants purchase all inventory from the Back Office. There are several reasons for this:

  1. The Consultant is assured of receiving authentic Paparazzi Accessories. Consultant accounts have been canceled for selling non-Paparazzi Accessories which they purchased from others, believing they were authentic Paparazzi items.  
  2. When items are purchased through the Back Office, the sales tax on the purchased item is accounted for, either by the Consultant paying the sales tax on the retail purchase price, or the Consultant has provided Paparazzi with documentation of a valid exemption (e.g., resale) documentation. Consultants who purchase Paparazzi accessories for resale from sources other than Paparazzi should consult their tax advisor regarding sales/use tax reporting and payment requirements. The Consultant is still required to comply with all state and federal laws regarding reporting and paying sales/use taxes to their taxing authorities. Paparazzi recommends Consultants contact their tax advisor with questions.
  3. The Consultant can return damaged items purchased directly from Paparazzi by following the Paparazzi return policy, rather than having to go back to the Consultant for replacement.
  4. The Consultant increases his/her PV for recognition, commissions, and advancement with Paparazzi.
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