Section 5.13 is designed to protect a Consultant’s time, money, and effort and governs temporary events like home parties and vendor events--temporary, short-term events. Most questions regarding temporary events relate to vendor events.

Does Section 5.13 apply?  If there is a question of whether your event is permanent or temporary and whether your event is governed by Section 5.13, please see TEMPORARY VS. PERMANENT EVENTS.

One BOOTH. Only one Paparazzi BOOTH is allowed at a temporary event; however, multiple Consultants can share the same BOOTH and they don’t have to be from the same team.

Consultant present. The Consultant must present and selling the product although he/she can have non-Consultant helpers in the booth. “The booth or party may never be left unattended at any time, or with someone who is not a Paparazzi Consultant.” A co-applicant could manage the booth in the absence of the Consultant.

Paparazzi does not offer insurance.  “Paparazzi does not offer or accept any liability insurance for any home party, meeting, booth, bazaar, seminar, show, or any other event or sales location initiated by the Independent Consultant. Such events are the Independent Consultant’s meetings, and therefore all liabilities and ownership are the Consultant’s responsibility.”

Size of event. It does not matter how large the event is, there can be just one Paparazzi BOOTH per event for that vendor manager’s event. For example, If there is a city-wide event and there are multiple vendor events within the city managed by different companies, each company’s vendor event can have one Paparazzi booth. However, if there is an informal event that covers miles of highway, for example, but is one event, there can be just one Paparazzi BOOTH at the entire event.

Paparazzi Accessories only. Only Paparazzi Accessories can be sold in a Paparazzi BOOTH. “Paparazzi show booths must exclusively offer Paparazzi Accessories. Paparazzi Accessories may not be mixed with any other products or offerings within a show booth.”

Sell for mandated prices. Paparazzi Accessories are to be sold for the mandated prices: “The Consultant may never offer a sale, deal, or promotion at a show that lowers the retail or sale value below the suggested retail value of $5 per unit.”

Signing up for a vendor event. When a Consultant signs up for a temporary event: “The Consultant must make it known to the show managers and promoters that he or she is a Paparazzi Consultant and that he or she can be the only  Paparazzi Consultant present at the event. This must be done in writing. Failure to obtain written acknowledgment from the show manager or promoter that they understand this policy minimizes the Consultant’s ability to mediate any potential issues that may arise.”The documentation a Consultant should have for his/her own benefit for a vendor event is as follows:

  • BE FIRST IN TIME: Have documentation of the date of sign up (to show that he/she is the first Paparazzi Consultant to sign up).
  • IDENTIFY PAPARAZZI ACCESSORIES. Identify on the application that he/she is selling Paparazzi Accessories (not just “jewelry” or “$5 Jewelry”.
  • ONLY PAPARAZZI BOOTH. Have documentation (written, email, text, etc.) that he/she is the only Paparazzi booth at the event. Section 5.13 states in pertinent part: “It is the Consultant’s responsibility to check with the show managers or promoters to ensure that there are no Paparazzi Consultants contracted before space is contracted.”

If a Consultant has the foregoing documentation, he/she can STAY at an event even if another Consultant shows up to sell.  A Consultant’s rank or length of time selling Paparazzi is irrelevant as to who should stay. Any other Consultants should leave.

If there is no written enrollment for a temporary event, the first Consultant to show up to sell at the event is the person who should stay for the event.

Disputes. Violations and/or disputes should be reported to Compliance along with the Consultant’s proof/documentation. If you are suspected of having been a second (or more) Paparazzi booth at a vendor event, your account will be suspended and you will be required to show your documentation. The Consultant reporting the issue should also send in his/her documentation.

Paparazzi’s refusal to mediate. The statements in Section 5.13 regarding Paparazzi’s refusal to mediate is in relation to Paparazzi’s refusal to mediate between the vendors and the Consultants and does not bar Paparazzi from mediating between Consultants if Paparazzi chooses to do so.

All-Paparazzi vendor event. Under Section 5.13, there can be just one Paparazzi BOOTH at a vendor event. However, there can also be ALL-PAPARAZZII vendor events. This is considered to be the same as one large BOOTH with multiple Consultants sharing that “single booth.” The Consultants do not have to be on the same team to share a booth together. However, a Consultant or member of the Consultant's household is not allowed to CHARGE for booths at this type of vendor event. This is considered making money off the Paparazzi brand without express permission from Corporate Paparazzi, as referenced in Section 5.

Online vendor events. Online vendor events are not allowed. This is considered selling non-Paparazzi alongside Paparazzi because of all the various Paparazzi and non-Paparazzi products are sold on one site, URL, or timeline.

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