Home parties are covered under Section 5.13 of Policies and Procedures.

At home parties, a Consultant cannot sell or give away non-Paparazzi. An example of this would be a Consultant who sells for another direct sales company or sells other products or services.  The Consultant is not allowed to sell both Paparazzi and the other services or products at the same home party. This is equally true of anyone in the Consultant's household. If the husband sells for another multilevel and the wife sells for Paparazzi, they are not to hold a joint home party.

However, Consultants can have home parties that would be similar to mini vendor events. A Paparazzi Consultant can have a home party with friends who sell other products, as long as the Consultant's household does not also sell for the same company. An example of what is allowed: the Paparazzi Consultant could invite a friend who sells direct sales makeup and a friend who sells direct sales candles and the three of them could have a home party together.

It is allowed for a group of Paparazzi Consultants to hold a home party together, each Consultant showing his/her own inventory.

An example of what is not allowed: the Paparazzi Consultant also sells other direct sales products and she invites her downline from the other direct sales company to sell that direct sales company‚Äôs products at a home party while the Paparazzi Consultant sells Paparazzi Accessories. This is not compliant. 

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