Consultants are allowed to use a third-party provider for advertising if the provider’s terms and conditions do not violate Paparazzi’s Policies and Procedures.  However, Consultants are not allowed to use a mass e-mailer or generate “spam” to advertise or promote Paparazzi.

Similarly, Consultants may not initiate any unsolicited communications (faxes, emails, phone calls, messages, friend or follow requests on social media, etc.) to anyone with whom they do not have a personal connection.  Such communications are considered spam and, as such, are prohibited.  

Legitimate personal connections can exist with people you may not personally know.  For example, a personal connection is created when an unknown individual:  

  • Joins your live video 
  • Orders from you
  • Joins your Facebook group or follows your Instagram business page
  • Comments on your social media post
  • Addresses you in the post of a friend who shouts you out on social media (i.e. “Congrats!,” “Happy Birthday!,” etc.).  

You can send a friend request or otherwise reach out to such individuals because you have a legitimate personal connection with them, even though you do not personally know them. 

Conversely, Consultants should not contact or send friend requests to strangers on a "suggested friends" list or to unknown individuals interacting with another Consultant’s live video; the Consultant has no personal connection with such individuals, and an uninvited solicitation from an unknown Consultant would be completely unanticipated and likely unwelcome. Furthermore, contacting customers of other Consultants is unprofessional, unethical, and a violation of Section 5.21.

The following example represents the types of complaints we frequently receive on this point:

Paparazzi Consultant Jane Rene contacted my customer, Amy, who said she has no idea who Jane is. Jane lives in California and Amy lives in Wisconsin, so what personal connection could Jane have with Amy?  Anyway, I’m reporting this because I believe Jane is visiting my live videos, taking note of who is watching, and reaching out to my viewers to ask them to shop with her.  It’s frustrating because I’ve worked hard to build my clientele and develop relationships with them, so I needed you to know this is happening - I have to protect my business! 

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