Paparazzi requires its own page and URL--100% Paparazzi--for all sales.  Non-Paparazzi products, businesses or services (including other multilevel companies’ products) cannot be offered, promoted or sold alongside Paparazzi on a Paparazzi sales site. For an online business page, Consultants cannot promote Paparazzi with other products alongside on the site/page. There are two choices. Choice #1: Consultants can advertise all Paparazzi on their page--only Paparazzi--and have a link in the About or Intro section to a page with their other non-Paparazzi items.  Choice #2: Consultants can advertise all the non-Paparazzi items on the main page and place a link in the About or Intro section of the business page to connect to the Paparazzi page, where only Paparazzi is sold.

On personal social media pages, Consultants cannot post about Paparazzi there if they also post about other non-Paparazzi products or services. For example, if Paparazzi is sold or promoted on a personal social media page, it would be a violation to post about the Consultant’s notary service, real estate business, clothing business, nail product business, or used furniture. If you or your household members benefit in any way from the promotion of the non-Paparazzi goods or services then it is not allowed to promote them alongside Paparazzi. Even one post about Paparazzi creates a “Paparazzi sales site” and the site has to be 100% Paparazzi.

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