One of the best ways to sell things online is via Facebook Live video. Here is a step-by-step guide of proven best practices to get you started and ready for success. Let’s get started!

1. Get ready:

  • Select and lay out the jewelry or product you want to sell, in the order you want to show them 
  • Make sure all of the items are uploaded to your inventory in the app with the quantities you have on hand.
  • Take one item of each product out of the package so its ready to show
  • Select Claim Keyword – SOLD (pre-populated) is most popular
  • Assign Claim Codes under Reply To Buy™
    • These will be the numbers you assign to the selected jewelry/product for the live show.
    • Keep in mind:
      • 6 numeric characters
      • No leading 0s
      • Cannot reuse claim codes
    • Use Auto Assign for simpler assignment
    • Suggestions to keep track of claim codes:
  • Number hanging tags cannot be reused in short periods of time. The numbers selected are good for seven days after the live ends. 
  • Post a teaser video

2. Right before you go live:

  • Get dressed and camera ready
  • Message customers and friends
  • Post a teaser and reminder in all of your social channels

3. Going Live on Facebook:

  • Switch profiles to your Facebook Business Page
  • Click Live Video
    • Under Go Live, click Select
  • Click “What’s your live video about”
    • Enter a catchy Title 
    • In Description, you may want to remind customers your claim word and provide an example, like sold 103
    • You may also want to provide a link to your online store so customers can shop all of your products.  You can copy the link from your Premiere App under Settings and then under Online Store Open
  • Click the Blue Go Live button
  • Go to Premiere app and click “Start”
    • Comment reading will not work if you do not click “start” in the app
    • Links sent to customers in FB messenger
      • Item is not “claimed” unless they click the link and “add to cart”
      • Cart timer is four hours
      • Orders are not combined
      • Replays are shoppable for seven days

4. During your Facebook Live:

  • Address the replay views, remind them that comment selling works for seven days
  • Welcome live viewers by name, be excited
  • Ask for shares and explain how to share
  • Share your live to all your social media accounts
  • Pin a comment, explain your product and shipping/pick up process
  • Explain how to buy, use the Claim Keyword – SOLD – followed by the Claim Code
  • Show and describe each piece, calling out the claim code and quantity on hand
  • Recap first 10 items

5. After a Facebook Live:

  • As customer payments for items sold during the event come in, pull the items sold from your inventory and ship!
    • Don’t forget to take advantage of the app’s integrated shipping tool, ShippingEasy, to make up to 25 shipments for free! 
  • Encourage customers to join your VIP group or follow other social media channels for updates. 
  • Schedule time for your next live event
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