In addition to your mobile point of sale, you also have an online store allowing your customers to browse your inventory and place their own orders!

  • To enable your Online Store, go to Settings from the navigation pane, then toggle on Online Store Open.

  • To find your online store link (URL), go to Settings from the navigation pane.
    • The link (URL) will be listed below, “These are the settings for your online store at:

Note:The link to your online store may look like this:

Depending on your device (iOS or Android) you will either find a clipboard or the share symbol.  Use this to copy your online store URL to paste it into your Facebook group, text messages, etc.

My Story Page

Your ‘My Story’ is a way for you to personalize your Online Store with a unique bio. This could include a quick introduction about you and your business, a video, or an image to support your Story.

You can update your ‘My Story‘ tab at any time by going to your profile in the back office using this guide.

New Customer Registration Form

New customers can now self-register, so their contact information is ready when you invoice their orders!

To locate the registration form:

  1. Go to Settings from the navigation pane
  2. Click the Online Store link to open your website
  3. Go to the Register tab

Tip: Share the link to your Registration Form via email, text, messenger or PIN it on your Reply To Buy™ Live to collect new customers’ information!

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