Poaching Customers

Contacting friends and customers of other Paparazzi Consultants for the purpose of soliciting their business is a practice known as "poaching" and is considered unprofessional conduct for a Paparazzi Consultant (see 4.15 Paparazzi Code of Conduct).

Building a customer base and developing positive, meaningful relationships with customers requires significant effort and time. Poaching is distasteful, undermines the success of other Consultants, and reflects poorly on Paparazzi. Consultants should support each other by striving for success without interfering with each other’s businesses. Paparazzi Consultants should not promote themselves as such on the live videos or social media pages of other Consultants without their permission.

Section 5.9 Unsolicited Communication states, “Independent Consultants may not initiate any unsolicited communication (faxes, e-mails, phone, etc.) to anyone whom they are not personally aware of (or to people they do not know).” 

Consultants should only reach out to people with whom they have a personal connection. Reaching out to “friends of friends” or “suggested friends,” who you do not know, on social media is not considered a personal connection. Click here for a detailed explanation of how Paparazzi defines personal connections. 

Of course, customers are free to shop with as many Consultants as they wish, but, as stated, Consultants are prohibited from reaching out to any individual with whom they do not have a personal connection.

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