Consultants are allowed to use the $5 stock photos from the Back Office, but the Crown symbol (copyright) should not be removed or cropped from the photograph. The $5 stock photos can be used to make collages or can be personalized by the Consultant. This permission to personalize does not include altering the appearance of the Accessory or the model in any way. The Zi Collection graphics/photographs from the Back Office cannot be altered in any way, nor can they be used in a collage. To access the Zi Collection marketing files, look for the "Zi Collection Social Media Kit" in the Resources section of your Back Office.  

Consultants are also allowed to take photographs of themselves and others wearing the jewelry or to take photographs of the Zi Collection pieces on busts or jewelry displays for their use.

None of the stock photographs—$5 or Zi Collection—can be used in any printed form, at any time, or in any location.
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