Social Media & Online Sales Platforms

Consultants should only sell or promote Paparazzi Accessories via online sales platforms that comply with or can accommodate the following requirements:

  • The Consultant must be in full control of what products are posted and at what price. However, when a site like TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram offers customer discounts, it is still allowed for Consultants to sell on those platforms. This is because (a) the Consultant is selling for the mandated prices, (b) the Consultant is not electing to offer the discount, and (c) the platform will pay the Consultant the mandated prices. So as far as the Consultant is concerned, s/he sold for the mandated prices and s/he received the mandated prices. That is the part of the transaction that Paparazzi is concerned with.
  • Paparazzi Accessories must be advertised and sold for the mandated prices ($1/$5/$25). Selling the Accessories for less than the mandated prices is a violation of Section 5.11 Retailing or Reselling. See General Sales Tax Information.
  • Consultants must be honest and comply with all policies and terms agreed upon when conducting a Paparazzi business, including those they agree to by utilizing a sales platform. Accordingly, the policies of the sales platform must not contradict Paparazzi’s Policies and Procedures, as such a conflict would place Consultants in a position to violate the policies of the sales platform, Paparazzi's Policies and Procedures, or both. Use of any platform with conflicting policies will be considered a violation of Paparazzi’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Platforms specifically prohibited by Section 5.10 Online Activity, such as Craigslist, eBay, and classifieds, are not compliant and should not be used for the sale of Paparazzi Accessories.
  • Paparazzi Accessories must not be sold or promoted alongside any other products on a sales platform, including online vendor events. According to Section 5.10, “Paparazzi products must not be displayed or sold alongside any other product(s). This policy extends to all online forums including but not limited to websites, shopping carts, and social media platforms.”
  • The business name chosen for a Consultant’s account on the sales platform must be compliant with Paparazzi’s Policies and Procedures. The names “Paparazzi” and “Paparazzi Accessories” are only allowed on social media when personalized with the Consultant’s name. Consultants cannot use these names in the URL or name of any other site or sales platform. See Use of Paparazzi Name.
  • One of Paparazzi’s Independent Consultant Logos must be included on the Consultant’s account with the sales platform to distinguish it from a site operated by corporate Paparazzi.
  • Consultants are encouraged to use Paparazzi’s professional stock photographs of the Accessories on the sales platform. The copyright symbol, Paparazzi’s Crown Logo, must be clearly visible on the photographs. Stock photos of the Zi Collection are subject to special restrictions outlined in Paparazzi’s Marketing Guidelines.
  • Consultants may use graphics from Paparazzi’s website and social media sites as long as they are not altered. The graphics are for digital use only and are not to be printed.
  • Transactions through the sales platform must be restricted to the United States, as Paparazzi Accessories and the Paparazzi Opportunity must only be offered to individuals residing within the United States and its territories pursuant to Section 5.7 International Sales.
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