Paparazzi currently allows a Paparazzi Consultant to sell other products or have a second business, but the promotion of the non-Paparazzi business and the sale of its products and/or services must be kept entirely separate from Paparazzi. Underlying this concept is the idea that Consultants should not be using their affiliation with Paparazzi as a platform or basis to sell, offer, or promote other products or services that are not Paparazzi Accessories.

It is a violation for a Paparazzi consultant to sell, offer, or promote any other product, business or service on any live, page, or site where Paparazzi is offered or sold. These Policy requirements apply to all members of the Consultant’s household (see Section 6.12 Actions of Household Members). The Policies and Procedures repeatedly emphasize that non-Paparazzi products/services are not to be promoted or sold alongside Paparazzi, as follows:

Section 5.10 “ In accordance to Section 5.13, Paparazzi products must not be displayed or sold alongside any other product(s). This policy extends to all online forums including but not limited to websites, shopping carts, and social media platforms.”

Section 5.11  ". . . As outlined in Section 5.13, offering non-Paparazzi products alongside Paparazzi products compromises its good name and can lead to the Paparazzi name and brand being associated with inferior products."

Section 5.13  ". . . Paparazzi show booths must exclusively offer Paparazzi Accessories. Paparazzi Accessories may not be mixed with any other products or offerings within a show booth. . . No competing jewelry or similar products may be offered alongside or in the same booth as Paparazzi products in order to maintain its good name, and to minimize comparison with inferior products."

Section 5.15 ". . . Consultants must not sell, or attempt to sell, any competing non-Paparazzi products at any event where Paparazzi products are being sold. This includes but is not limited to jewelry, hair accessories, or other network marketing products."

These restrictions apply to ALL sales platforms and apply to any non-Paparazzi product. The only exception to the non-Paparazzi Policy sections is for share giveaways. SHARE GIVEAWAY - EXCEPTION TO GIVEAWAY RULES. These restrictions apply to advertising generally and to personal social media pages where Paparazzi is mentioned or sold. On personal social media pages, Consultants cannot post about Paparazzi there if they also post about other non-Paparazzi products or services.  For example, if Paparazzi is sold or promoted on a personal social media page, it would be a violation to promote or sell any non-Paparazzi business or product such as, for example, the Consultant’s notary service, real estate business, clothing business, nail product business, or used furniture. If you or your household members benefit in any way from the promotion of the non-Paparazzi products or services then it is not allowed to promote them alongside Paparazzi. Even one post about Paparazzi creates a “Paparazzi sales site” and the site has to be 100% Paparazzi.

A Paparazzi Consultant can have a second business IF:

(a) All selling, advertising, or giving away of Paparazzi Accessories is 100% separate from that of all non-Paparazzi products on any  timeline, site, live, post, vendor event, store display, etc. This restriction includes your personal social media sites. This restriction includes giving away, selling, or advertising non-Paparazzi. The only exception to this is share giveaways, although you still cannot give as a share giveaway a non-Paparazzi product that you or your household sell(s);

(b) the Consultant is not selling or promoting MLM jewelry or hair accessories that are offered by another MLM company;

(c) the Consultant does not infringe on Paparazzi’s intellectual property (such as Paparazzi’s name, logos, or registered trademarks and graphics);

(d) the Consultant does not recruit for another MLM on a site, live, post, or timeline where Paparazzi is mentioned or where there are Consultants as members or followers of the site;(e) the Consultant does not recruit in actual fact one or more Paparazzi Consultants to another MLM ; and(f) the Consultant is not using his/her Paparazzi business to build a second business (such as by marketing the business to the Consultant’s Paparazzi customers or other Consultants, or by using the Consultant’s Paparazzi sales pages or websites to promote/build the business, etc.). 

Promoting businesses unrelated to your Paparazzi business.

Although a business may be unrelated to your Paparazzi business, it still cannot be promoted alongside Paparazzi on a Paparazzi sales site. An example of a business unrelated to your Paparazzi business would be when you are a realtor, hairdresser, notary, pastor, or have any other employment. Because you receive money from your work or business, you cannot advertise those businesses alongside Paparazzi, because that is selling or promoting non-Paparazzi alongside Paparazzi. This even applies to your personal page if you mention or sell Paparazzi there because those sales or mentions make your personal site a “Paparazzi sales site.”. For example, you cannot post job advertisements for your non-Paparazzi business on sites where Paparazzi is mentioned or sold. This applies even if you do not own the business but are an employee, because you do make money from that business. An example of this would be promoting your church on your Paparazzi sales page while you are also a paid employee of your church or advertising for a hairdresser for your salon business on your Paparazzi sales page.Another example of a business unrelated to your Paparazzi business would be selling for another multilevel, direct sales company. A Paparazzi Consultant can currently sell for other direct sales companies, EXCEPT companies that sell jewelry or hair accessories. The Consultant must keep the two businesses entirely separate.  Paparazzi cannot be sold, offered or promoted alongside any other product, service, or business on any site, page or booth. Please review the information about cross-company recruiting CROSS-COMPANY RECRUITING.

Personal Social Media Sites.

The Policies and Procedures (Sections 5.10, 5.11 and 5.13) outline that non-Paparazzi cannot be offered, given away, or sold alongside Paparazzi. 

A single post offering or promoting Paparazzi is considered a sales post and creates a sales site on the social media site where that post appears. So, if you post anything about Paparazzi to your personal social media site, you have created a Paparazzi sales site. If you follow the Paparazzi post with, for example, a post about direct sales makeup, and/or clothing, you are mixing products on a sales site. Paparazzi requires its own site--100% Paparazzi. You can place a link in the About or Intro section of a boutique site, or your personal page. On a website you can have a link taking you to other URLs either for your Paparazzi or other businesses. There can be nothing but the link to your Paparazzi page on any site where other products are sold.

Another aspect of selling for another multilevel direct sales company alongside Paparazzi is Section 5.18 "Cross-Company Recruiting" which is the most serious aspect of selling for another multilevel company and it provides in pertinent part:

Any and all attempts, successful or unsuccessful, by any Consultant to cross recruit current Paparazzi Consultants to any other multilevel, network marketing, or party planning companies and organizations, constitutes a violation of this agreement. This violation will result in immediate suspension of the Consultant’s account followed by an investigation into the matter and, if warranted or deemed necessary by the Compliance Department, the termination of the Consultant’s account.

Any page or site where Paparazzi is sold or promoted is considered a Paparazzi sales site - this includes a personal Facebook page as well as a website.  If a Consultant sells for another direct sales company and advertises for others to sign up for another direct sales company - recruits - on any Paparazzi sales site, they are considered to be cross-company recruiting. This recruiting can be direct or indirect recruiting and it can be intentional or unintentional. An example of indirect recruiting is when a Consultant provides a link to his/her other MLM business and the link has information about joining that other MLM. An example of unintentional cross-company recruiting is when someone enrolls on the other MLM team headed by the Consultant without the Consultant’s knowledge–that is cross-company recruiting. No intent to recruit is necessary.

It is impossible to recruit for another multilevel and not be in violation of the Section on cross-company recruiting. If you recruit a Paparazzi Consultant to the other company, that is cross-company recruiting. If you have Consultants who are members of your page for the other company, and you recruit there, that is cross-company recruiting. Cross-company recruiting will result in the cancellation of the Consultant's account.

Businesses related or built on your Paparazzi business.

A Paparazzi Consultant cannot build another business upon his/her Paparazzi business. You cannot use your Paparazzi business information to compete with Paparazzi, to build a business on the back of your Paparazzi business, or for any purpose other than selling Paparazzi–this requirement applies to any second business. You cannot use your Paparazzi contacts (Consultants, customers) to build a second business. One example of this is selling T-shirts and hats with the logo of your Paparazzi business, meaning your personal logo, not the Corporate Paparazzi Logos or Paparazzi Independent Consultant Logos, which cannot be used other than as explained here MAKING ITEMS (SWAG) USING PAPARAZZI NAME OR LOGO. You can use them as giveaway items for shares or for your own use, but not for sale.

For example, if you wish to sell t-shirts and hats referencing your Paparazzi business, you need to ask yourself: who would be interested in purchasing these products related to my Paparazzi business other than my customers or other Paparazzi Consultants?Such sales would be using your Paparazzi business and your business contacts to promote a non-Paparazzi product, business or service. 

Policy violations where the Paparazzi Consultant uses his/her Paparazzi business to build a second business or income stream, could include but are not limited to these examples:

1. Hosting a vendor event for Paparazzi Consultants where you charge Consultants booth rental fees. You could do a vendor event for other sellers and charge money for the booths. The violation is when you charge money to Paparazzi Consultants for their booths.

2. Buying a house in order to rent it out for Paparazzi retreats. A Consultant could rent that house to other businesses for their retreats but not to Paparazzi Consultants or their households.

3. Doing a team training for Paparazzi Consultants (must be A-Lister or above to charge for training) where you charge more money than the event expenses require.

4. Charging money to Paparazzi Consultants for team shirts.

5. Charging Consultants to procure housing and transportation for them during the Convention.

6. Targeting Paparazzi Consultants in order to sell mugs, T-shirts, banners, graphics, jewelry boards, or other items for use in the Consultants’  business or that feature the Consultant’s Paparazzi business.

7. Charging Paparazzi Consultants to join your site or to go live on your site.

8. Monetizing or using affiliate links on your sites where Paparazzi is mentioned or sold (which could include social media reels, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc.). To determine if a Consultant is in violation of the previously cited Sections of Policy, one step Compliance takes is to evaluate whether or not the Consultant receives remuneration for the product or service in question.  If the Consultant is being remunerated for something other than selling Paparazzi Accessories on the Consultant’s Paparazzi sales pages/videos, the Consultant is deemed to be in violation of the Policies and Procedures.

9. Giving away non-Paparazzi for shares or team incentives that you or your household sell(s).

10. Using Back Office information to contact Consultants in an effort to promote a non-Paparazzi business.

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