Customer Preorders

In addition to the new Paparazzi Accessories released daily, Paparazzi offers new and exclusive Accessories through the Fashion Fix and Life of the Party programs. These Accessories are previewed by qualified Consultants before they are made available for purchase.

Preview parties are an excellent way to generate excitement about the new Fashion Fix and Life of the Party Accessories. Consultants can advertise these Accessories to customers to gauge their interest, but Consultants cannot accept payment until the Accessories have been successfully ordered and confirmed by an email from Paparazzi. Consultants should inform their customers that while they will have the opportunity to purchase these Accessories, they cannot guarantee the Accessories will be successfully purchased or delivered.

On occasion, an Accessory may become unavailable. If a Consultant has received payment from a customer for an Accessory that becomes unavailable, the Consultant must immediately refund the customer’s payment.

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