Unpaid Customer Invoices

Consultants can determine their own sales policies, but they must be consistent with Paparazzi’s Policies and Procedures. Customers should be informed of a Consultant’s sales policies prior to purchasing.

Consultants are free to:

  • Cancel a customer’s invoice if payment is not made within the specified time frame.
  • Refuse to do business with customers who order Accessories, then fail to pay for them.
  • Block individuals who bring negativity to their sales platforms.

Paparazzi Compliance will not mediate when a customer fails to pay for the Accessories they claim from a Consultant. Consultants are responsible for setting and enforcing policies to prevent customers from claiming Accessories without paying for them. Consultants are encouraged to require payment for claimed Accessories within 24 hours or cancel the invoice.

Consultants should not make disparaging comments about anyone for any reason, verbally or in writing, including customers who fail to pay for their orders. Disparaging comments violate Section 4.14 Disparaging Remarks and may result in the suspension or termination of the Consultant’s account.

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