A social media site for sales of Paparazzi Accessories may sell only Paparazzi Accessories--100% Paparazzi. If you have a brick and mortar boutique (where Paparazzi and non-Paparazzi are sold), with a social media sales site, you are required to have two different social media pages or sites--one for the Paparazzi Accessories and one for the non-Paparazzi products. “Social media sales site” does not include a stand-alone website with its own unique domain name and different rules apply. Please refer to the information for “WHEN A BOUTIQUE HAS A WEBSITE.”

For an online business on social media, a Consultant cannot promote Paparazzi with any other products or services alongside on the same site or page. There are two choices for social media: Choice #1: You can advertise all Paparazzi on your social media sales site or page--only Paparazzi--and have a link in the Intro or About section to a boutique page with your non-Paparazzi items. Choice #2: You can advertise all the non-Paparazzi items on the main boutique page and place a link in the Intro or About section of that page to connect to the Paparazzi-only page.

Non-Paparazzi should not be sold or promoted in the same timeline. A viewer of your social media online sales site should not see any other products, business or service than Paparazzi Accessories.

The Consultant must abide by all the Policies and Procedures. For example, a Consultant cannot offer discounts or sales on the Accessories. A Consultant can sell gift certificates to customers for third party use but the Consultant cannot give away coupons or gift certificates. PAPARAZZI GIFT CERTIFICATE/GIFT CARD

All Paparazzi Accessories should be sold for the mandated prices ($1/$5/$25).

The Consultant and the online store must comply with all local laws and ordinances for business licenses, zoning, sales and use tax, etc.

The Zi Collection and Starlet Shimmer Accessories must be clearly identified and separated from the $5 Accessories so there is no confusion as to price. However, Zi Collection and Starlet Shimmer may still be a part of the overall Paparazzi display.

On your personal social media page, you cannot post about Paparazzi there if you also post about your other products there. This includes sharing your boutique non-Paparazzi live videos to your personal page as well as your Paparazzi online store live videos.

Paparazzi should not be displayed with other products in an online store. Any non-Paparazzi boutique items should not be shown in your Paparazzi live videos nor should they be referred to (such as “we’re going live tomorrow for our candles and wreaths”).

For signs and advertising, if the word(s)  “Paparazzi” and/or “Paparazzi Accessories” are used in any advertising, the Consultant must include the Independent Consultant Logo, unaltered, from the Back Office.

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